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The Easter Bunny :icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 26 0
Baby Making Machine
Eva was a 22-year-old college graduate. She was 5 foot flat with long dark hair, very supple breasts and beautiful blue eyes. She had been with her boyfriend, Ray, for 5 years when she got pregnant. Neither one of them were ready for children, either literally or financially. But she went through the pregnancy and gave birth to a very healthy 9 pound baby girl. Eva named her baby Noreen after her mother. But things got weird shortly after Noreen was born.
On this day, Noreen is 6 months old. Eva has been very happy because she has gotten her figure back finally and because of the baby, her breasts have become quite large. While cleaning the house one day she comes across a large bottle she has never seen before. The bottle is covered in dust so Eva begins to clean it off. Once she does this the bottle starts shaking, causing Eva to drop the bottle. Smoke billows out of the bottle and before she knows it a genie is standing before her. This genie is very, very attractive. Very large bre
:icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 139 6
Mature content
The Captive :icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 21 1
Chloe's Bus
Chloe ran through the building, tears running down her face, she had just witnessed her best friend physically transform into a car. She would never see Lucy again but that didn't matter she had to get out of the building, but she was lost. She entered a room and her heart dropped when she saw it was a room very similar to the room where Lucy was when she turned into a car. She turned to leave but the door had slammed closed behind her. She banged and screamed for help, while this was going on the same contraption that turned Lucy into a car was lowering from the ceiling. Chloe was oblivious to this as she was scared, crying and trying to escape. The contraption lowered and zapped Chloe. She left a pain but erotic feeling at the same time, she spun around as the contraption raised back into the ceiling. "What just happened?" she thought, she didn't have time to think, the door opened on its own and Chloe ran out of the building.
As she exited the building she ran right into her father
:icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 15 2
Lucy's Convertible
Lucy and Chloe were 20 years old, Lucy had beautiful long red hair while Chloe had mid length blonde hair. They each had a pretty amazing body with very full breasts and Lucy had a rockin' hot ass, think Kim Kardashian!
Lucy and Chloe loved to go swimming and they were at their local health club, late at night, since the pool would more than likely be open. For whatever reason they got lost and were searching all over for the pool. Each of them wearing a pretty revealing bikini. Finally Lucy found what she thought was the door to the pool. She opened it and they found themselves in a garage of some sort.
"This is weird, this looks like a garage but there's no door" Lucy commented. Chloe agreed. Just then Lucy saw something on the ground, it appeared to be a set of car keys, she bent over and picked it up. While this was going on a contraption was lowering from the ceiling but Lucy was oblivious to this. While, this was happening, Chloe was looking around the room. The contraption came
:icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 20 0
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That's 'Moo're Like It 2: Daisy's Transformation :icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 26 1
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The Wish III :icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 34 8
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My Pregnant Friend :icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 86 11
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Teenage Surrogate :icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 181 16
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Big Ol' Balloon :icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 37 1
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That's 'Moo're Like It :icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 54 1
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Irony of Birth Control :icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 60 5
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The Egg Part II :icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 40 2
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The Egg :icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 76 3
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There's Always Room :icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 28 3
Mature content
The Dragon Breeder :icondrpreggo:DrPreggo 81 14


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The Easter Bunny

Madeline was a 27-year-old gorgeous blonde. She had just married her high school crush Ron. Ron had just gone through a divorce from his wife of 12 years, after having 2 kids in high school and a 3-year-old as well. Madeline wasn't too keen on being a mother to someone else's kids but she wanted to be with Ron so much that she tried not to think too much about it. Madeline and Ron were married that February and already in April Ron was talking about Madeline getting pregnant. Madeline was very much against this, she didn't want to be pregnant, ever. She loved her well toned body she has worked so hard to get and keep, she wasn't going to ruin it to have a child, especially because Ron already  had 3 daughters.

Easter has come and the girls are so excited the night before.

"The Easter bunny is coming tonight! Are you girls excited?" Madeline asked the girls.

"There's no Easter bunny!" Caroline, Ron's oldest daughter, proclaimed!

"Yeah, that's stupid!" Gwendolyn, Ron's middle daughter, agreed.

"That's not very nice" Madeline said, "I think Nicki believes there is, how bout it Nicki?"

Nicki, Ron's youngest daughter smiled a big huge smile and nodded her head.

"See" Madeline said snobbishly looking back at the older girls. The two older girls don't quite understand why Madeline seems to not like them.

"Whatever, you're not our real mom" Caroline said grabbing the hand of Nicki as the 3 girls walk out.

Later that night...

Madeline and Ron are getting ready for bed, Madeline sits on the bed thinking. "Why don't the girls like me?" Madeline asked Ron.

"They do." Ron replied.

"No, they don't"

"Well, I know something that can make them like you"

"Oh, yeah" Madeline replied sexily "What's that?"

"Have a baby with me."

Madeline quickly pushes him away, "I told you, I won't do that! I'm not ruining my body to carry a baby in it!"

Ron gets up angrily, "Fine... we better get ready for Easter"

"Get ready for Easter? How? What do we need to..." Madline's voice stops suddenly as she realizes something is wrong. "What's going on?" she said nervously.

"Like I said, we have to get ready for Easter" Ron said.

Suddenly, Madeline's ears begin to shrink, her hearing fades with it. She puts her hands to her head as she feels her ears shrink and fully disappear!

"My ears! I can't hear! I'm deaf!" Madeline cries out in terror, "What's happening!?" as she cries out white hair begins to appear all over her body except for on her well toned belly and her breasts. Her face begins to swell too. "What's happening to me!?" Tall ears begin to grow  out of the top of her head and suddenly she can hear again.

She looks down and sees her index and middle finger after fused together as well as her ring and pinky finger. Whiskers begin to jet out of from her cheeks and a fluffy tail grows out of her lower back. She goes to the mirror, just she doesn't pay any attention to the fact that she is hopping instead of walking. She looks at herself, she is completely covered in thick white fur, except for her belly and breasts. She has 1 foot tall ears sticking out of the top of her head. And suddenly her 2 front teeth fall out as she cries out in terror, she begins screaming as 2 very large teeth begin to force themselves through her gums. The teeth finish and she looks at them, they are 5 times bigger than the rest of her teeth.

She looks at Ron, "What have you done to me??" she cries out.

"I told you, we had to get ready for Easter" Ron says calmly.

"I'm the Easter bunny??" Madeline cries out, but soon her cries of fear turn to cries of pain as suddenly her belly begins to grow. Madeline holds it as she moans in pain. Her belly grows quickly as her belly button pops out. Soon, she looks to be 9 months pregnant. She leans against the wall and slides down holding her massive belly.

"What's going on!?" she cries out but soon she is panting as the urge to push overcomes her. She pushes and soon, something comes out of her. She struggles to look past her massive belly but soon sees a single colored Easter egg.

"Get up" Ron says to her as he pulls her up off the ground. "You have a long night ahead of you". Madeline realizes what he means, she looks across the room and sees the girls' 3 Easter baskets. She hops over to them, squats over them and pushes as many eggs plop out of her, she hops over to the next basket and squats and pushes. She does the same for 3rd. When she's done she still has a massive belly.

"Why do I still have a belly?" Madeline asks Ron

Ron walks over and places his hands on his wife's massive and very hard belly. "You have a trillions of eggs in here and many, many kids' baskets to fill, so you better get to it."

Madeline realizes she is now THE Easter bunny, her previous life is over and she hops out of the room heading to their neighbors house to leave them their Easter eggs. Ron would see Madeline again the following Easter. Though Easter ends, Madeline's belly never goes away, she spends the rest of eternity carrying eggs inside of her ready for the following year's Easter.
The Easter Bunny
Just how do those eggs get in your Easter basket?
I don't have much to say but I want to thank everyone who enjoys my stuff and everyone who puts up stuff that I enjoy!

Merry Christmas to everyone!


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